Prenatal Massage


This time in your life will go by so very quickly. Make the most of it and enjoy every moment.

- reduction of stress and promotion of sympathetic nervous system sedation; i.e: relaxation

- relief from muscle spasm, cramps and myofascial pain especially in the back and neck

- increases blood and lymph circulation and supports the physiological processes of gestation, by supporting the work of the heart, increasing cellular respiration, reducing inflammation and contributing to sympathetic nervous system sedation

- alleviates stress on weight bearing joints and muscular-fascial structures, especially the sacro-iliac joint, thoraco-lumbar spine, hips and erector spinae musculature (the muscles of the back and hips)

- provides emotional support and physical nurturing

- develops the sensory awareness necessary to facilitate the birth process through teaching relaxation of the back, abdomen and pelvic floor musculature to allow the uterus to labour without resistance

- provides the woman with the experience of nurturing touch so that she may touch her own baby lovingly

- wonderful way for a woman to honour her body and all the changes at this very special time in her life
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