Infant Massage


Infant massage classes are taught in a small group setting, every month.  Price includes baby and up to two caregivers.  Caregivers can be Mom, Dad, Grandparents, Nanny or Friends. 



Why Infant Massage?
Touch is as necessary to good health as food, water and rest.
- enjoyable
- more relaxed
- healthier
- improved sleep patterns
- improves digestion
- strengthens bonding
- stimulates respiration
- stimulates circulation
- learns to recognize loving touch
- learns that he/she is worth being touched lovingly and heard
- improves communication (non-verbal/verbal, eye-to-eye contact, touch, odor)
- appreciate child's unique personality
- become more sensitive and aware
- increases their confidence in handling the baby
Improves Health... massage stimulates the vagus nerve, one of the 10 cranial nerves, which lowers heart rates, makes the body more attentive to stimulation and increases the production of food absorption hormones. The baby that is massaged is then more relaxed but alert. They gain weight faster without eating more, or saving calories by sleeping more, they simply utilize nutrients more effectively. Massage lowers stress hormones like epinephrine or cortisol, therefore, babies that are massaged are more relaxed. They tend to sleep more soundly and for slightly longer periods of time. Massage, especially abdominal massage, simulates and strengthens digestion and elimination, which helps to settle babies, especially if they are cranky or colicky.

Touch experiences are basic to the establishment of attachment bonds. Attachment bonding is thought to effect physiological systems especially (but not exclusively) immunological systems. It is suggested that touch experiences may act in this indirect manner to activate or modulate immunological function.
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