Eastern Melt Series

Eastern Melt Series

This approach takes the eastern perspective that the body can, and does hold emotions, memories and trauma called samscaras which can be accessed and released through marmatherapy technique or the opening of gateways. Often releasing long held patterns and chronic conditions. Each treatment Includes a 15 minute Intake: its not just a massage, and all treatments include take home spiritual, emotional, physical homework. Every treatment is a combination of ancient Ayurveda and Thai techniques which includes a custom blend of essential oils for each individual client.

Warning these treatments will leave you supremely blissed out, so you may need more time that usual to ground before driving or engaging in life, and so it is recommended thatyou schedule extra space post treatment to integrate and reengage. You WILL leave with oil in your hair.

* the full effects of these treatments need to be honored and are best felt by having quiet contemplative time post treatment when followed by down time at home, or a bath.

60 min Mind Melt :

Custom picchu based on individual dosha. This treatment includes: Shoulders, Scalp, Forehead, Jaw, Neck, Belly, Hands and Feet.

This treatment is perfect for anyone who is always in their head, can't relax, or who have problems sleeping. Or can't turn their mind off.

90 min Body Melt :

Full body marma point oil massage. Custom blend of oils: Helps release long held tension.This treatment is perfect for people with chronic stress.

120 min Super melt:

Body and Mind treatments combined. Also Refered to as the melt down, you will feel like Jello

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